Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

To Go where no Man has gone Before

SO excited to begin a new adventure on a brand new ship at Maple Ridge Elementary! Looking forward to our amazing and eventful year!
CLIMB ABOARD and go where now man has gone before...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you Veterans!

We were privileged to hear from Miss Foster's Dad today who is a retired Naval Officer.   We watched an amazing video and talked about the saying, "freedom isn't free"

Last week we mummified our stuffed animals and created an awesome resting place for them.

We have been working really hard in math and on all our fraction algebra!  I'm am in hopes that our class will do very well on the Tuesday Math Test!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scary things and bat wings...

We have accomplished quite a bit this last term...We have learned all about Moon phases, seasons Egypt and microorganisms.  We have charted the moon, learned all sorts of moo and seasons vocabulary and learned how to keep bacteria and germs away by washing our hands - REAL WELL!!!

We decorated our room with oragami bats, picasso Frankensteins and skeleton posters.  Our class won a pizza lunch with our red ribbon week poster!  WAY TO GO!

Math:  the next two weeks we will be learning to multiply and divide fractions and use all of our past skills to pull them apart.  Remember to do your math homework each night as it is given and return it the following day!

Social studies: this coming week will be mummifying stuffed animals so look for a note to be coming home with what to bring.  We will end our Egypt Unit and move on to Ancient Greece...Lots of fun times ahead.

We have begun our guided reading groups - ask you student about the book they are reading?

Thanks to all of you for coming and visiting with me for parent conferences!  I have such great students and families in my classroom.  I appreciate all of your support!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Its almost Fall

FUN with our 2nd Grade Buddies

Teaching them about the Moon Phases

Perfect and Quiet during library time


Monday, September 9, 2013

Famous (or should we say infamous) artifact...Can you name it?

 Guessing various artifacts and their uses

Buddy Reading

Classroom Goals and EXPECTATIONS:

1.  We will be sending home homework every Monday and Collecting Friday, look for your student to bring home a report of missing work and/or that work that was unfinished from the week or previous week.  It will be due on Friday.  Your child may also make up in missing points or wrong answers on their work for full points.  Homework may often include math and additional Science requirements. Reading minutes will need to be filled out each week on the homework sheet for their grade. I require a minimum of 100 minutes per week.  Ken Garff reading is separate and will need to be filled out by you through the code that was sent home.  This is for rewards and prizes. HOMEWORK is DUE Friday each week.  

2.  We will be rotating for Science and Math.  Science we will have the teachers rotating to different classes every 8 weeks or so.  We will each be teaching a different unit of Science.  Science will be taught on Tuesdays, Wed, and Thurs from 12:30-1:30 and will usually not be made up.  If your student is absent they are responsible to find out what they missed.
Math will be taught in groups by concepts and how the students respond to pre and post tests.  We would like to have a more individualized instruction this year as to meet the needs of students and different ways of seeing and understanding concepts.  Your child may be with a different group each unit.

3.  Students will be expected to be kind and respectful in the classroom each day and responsible for their own individual work.  I will have rewards and consequences as needed.  Students will also make the Honor Roll if they have all their assignments turned in and E's in every area.

Math Test Practice Problems
y-5 = 12
m + 9= 18
2n + 4 = 18
3y - 7 = 5
y increased by 8
8 decreased by a number y
n divided by 6
Six times a number t
a quotient of y divided by 3
(order of operations...SOLVE or EVALUATE)
14 + 4 ( 3 * 2) - 2
36 divided by 6 + 3 * 5 - 2

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Week in our Class

Fun with music!
We had an Orchestra Assembly last week where some of our students were able to show off a little of their talents.  We are lucky that our 6th grade Orchestra teacher will also be teaching our Music class this year!  YEA!
I was also very impressed by the way your children entered the Auditorium for our Story Telling Assembly.  They were so quiet and polite the EVEN impressed the principal!  We have a great bunch of 6th Graders.  They are truly setting the example for the rest of the school!.

We are moving along in 6th Grade MATH...So hold on tight.  We have learned about order of operations, exponents and math properties.  We will be practicing the distributive property using Variables- They will need some practice on this, we will also be heading in to positive and negative integers and algebraic expressions.

WE acted out our vocab words and wrote sentences and synonyms.  We will be learning about why authors choose the stories they do to write about and thinking about how we can use our personal experiences to write fictional narratives.

Thanks for sending such GREAT kids to school each day....THEY are amazing!